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Sauce ladle, soup ladle, moulding ladle, serving ladle, sangria ladle, made of stainless steel, polypropylene or nylon, with or without spout, with or without perforation, for use in the kitchen or on buffets. Stellinox offers you a wide selection with different handle lengths, different materials, you can also make your choice of ladle according to their capacity.

Ladle capacity: the diameter and capacity are stamped into the handle of the stainless steel monobloc ladles.

Discover our kitchen wall racks that will allow you to hang this essential accessory and always have it at hand.

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€51.82 (tax excl.)
Stainless steel ladle, 3 models. 11968-18 and 11968-20 : Thicker handle with rounded border. Diameter and capacity stamped on the handle. 48278-69 : The length of the ladle keeps hands a safe distance from hot...
€5.64 (tax excl.)
Composite ladle short handle. 2 models. PA + : Non-porous composite material, polyamide (nylon 6.6) with fiberglass. heat resistant up to to + 220 °C (450° Fahrenheit). Dishwasher proof. Can be sterilized.
€2.43 (tax excl.)
Nylon ladle 6.6. The high quality nylon fibre used by Olsano is characterised by excellent heat resistance up to 220°C. Nylon 6.6. utensils do not become impregnated with the odours and colours of food. Suitable for...
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No produts were found.