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Accessories and utensils

Ladles, scoops, spatulas, forks, chinese colanders, strainers, tongs to seal opened bags, tongs with spouts, and hooks to hang your towels in one gesture!

Among these kitchen utensils, the professional stainless-steel funnel with filter, available in six diameters, will be useful for pouring your preparations into the containers while filtering them, such as soups, jams, bouillons and sauces.

Professional quality utensils for your kitchen.

  • Skimmer
    <p>A skimmer is a kitchen utensil, often made of stainless steel, in the shape of a large flat perforated spoon, which is used to skim liquids. There is also a model of frying skimmer, a skimmer that allows you to remove the food from the frying bath when fried.</p> <p>In this range of kitchen utensils, we also offer models of wire skimmer, also a kitchen utensil used to remove and drain your food from cooking baths, and which also allows you to skim the surface of a cooking liquid.</p>
  • Food tong
    <p>The food tongs are an accessory used everywhere in professional catering industry: restaurants, brewery, indoor service for plate setting, bakeries, hoteliers for breakfast buffet, bulk grocery shops for serving in the shop...</p> <p>The food tongs prevent food from contact with the hands, and to guarantee perfect hygiene.</p>
  • Service tongs
    <p>The service tong is an accessory used to take and lift objects without holding them directly with the hands. There are many shapes of tongs suitable for their use. In the food industry, whether in the kitchen or in the service rooms, the serving tongs are also different in shape according to their use, and are available in various materials.</p>
  • Ladle
    <p>Sauce ladle, soup ladle, moulding ladle, serving ladle, sangria ladle, made of stainless steel, polypropylene or nylon, with or without spout, with or without perforation, for use in the kitchen or on buffets. Stellinox offers you a wide selection with different handle lengths, different materials, you can also make your choice of ladle according to their capacity.</p> <p><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Ladle capacity</a></strong>: the diameter and capacity are stamped into the handle of the stainless steel monobloc ladles.</p> <p>Discover our <strong><a href="" target="_blank">kitchen wall racks</a></strong> that will allow you to hang this essential accessory and always have it at hand.</p>
  • Scoop
    <p>Scoops made of polypropylene, stainless steel, nylon or PA+, you will find in our professional range, flour scoops, scoops for bulk ware, cake lifters, pie scoops, lasagna servers, candy scoops and also scoops for more specific use such as pizza, hamburger scoops, hot plate scoops, ice cube scoops (fish shop), or even French fries scoops... Don't forget to discover our range of canisters, ideal for storing food in bulk and to support this new way of consumption.</p>
  • Spoon
    <p>Serving spoon, rice spoon, cocktail spoon, measuring spoon, spaghetti spoon, ice cream spoon, salad spoon, table spoon. Short handle or long handle, with or without perforation, in stainless steel, wood, polypropylene, PA+, or melamine, for left-handed or right-handed use: our wide range of spoons will meet your expectations. Come and discover our spoon rests, ideal for keeping your worktop clean and adaptable to our spoons, ladles and other kitchen utensils.</p>
  • Spatule
  • Fork
    <p>Snail fork, oyster fork, meat fork, serving fork, table fork, potato pick fork, two-pronged fork... with 2, 3 or 4 prongs, with different handle lengths, <strong>choose the appropriate fork for your needs</strong>. In addition to the fork, you can also equip yourself with a kitchen tongs, very practical for dressing and hold spaghetti, salads or slices of meat. The tongs are ideal for use in gastro containers and Chafing Dish.</p>
  • Chinois
    <p>Ideal for mashing fruit and vegetables and for creating soups or coulis, we offer a range of Chinese colander in different diameters. These Chinese colanders are designed to withstand the repeated pressure of a muddler. They can also be used with their very stable support, which will facilitate the filtering of your sauces or to obtain the juices from the preparations. To ensure a constant, regular and precise distribution of your liquid preparations (sauces, creams, coulis, stocks), you can also equip yourself with funnels with or without filter, the ultimate being the <strong><a href="">confectionnery funnel</a></strong>!</p>
  • Colander
    <p>Stainless steel colanders with handles, used for draining preparations, making tea, pureeing soft or tender foods, filtering lumps, broths and sauces. Their fine-mesh drain will effectively retain all solid pieces. Stellinox also offers a range of Chinese colander with wire gauze, extra-fine mesh that will allow you to filter your sauces and obtain all the juices from your preparations.</p>
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€42.13 (tax excl.)
Stainless steel chinese colander. 2 sizes. Perfect for puréeing soft and semi-soft foods, straining soups and making stocks and broths Conical fine strainer featuring extra high straining capacity. The number of...
€51.82 (tax excl.)
Stainless steel ladle, 3 models. 11968-18 and 11968-20 : Thicker handle with rounded border. Diameter and capacity stamped on the handle. 48278-69 : The length of the ladle keeps hands a safe distance from hot...
€1.81 (tax excl.)
Nylon 6.6 frying shovel. The high quality nylon fibre used by Olsano is characterised by excellent heat resistance up to 220°C. Nylon 6.6. utensils do not become impregnated with the odours and colours of food....
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