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GN containers

We offer a choice of containers in the gastronorme sizes , made of stainless steel, porcelain or melamine.

Gastronorm (GN) is an European standardized size which by the use of standardized measures facilitates the exchange of containers as well as the processing of food in the professional kitchens.

  • GN container 1/1
    <p>The GN 1/1 Gastro Tray is a versatile professional kitchen accessory: used <strong>for food preservation</strong>, it is also used for<strong> food storage</strong>, transport and <strong>presentation of various dishes</strong>. Depending on the material used, the GN 1/1 Gastro Tray can also be used for baking, baking in a bain-marie, or freezing in a cold room.</p>
  • Tritan GN container
    <p>Among the indispensable accessories for the catering industry,<strong> the gastronorm container</strong> is certainly the most appreciated by professionals. Indeed, it proves to be versatile and responds to many problems, in the kitchen but also in the dining room during service, and in the organization of buffets. Our Stellinox online shop offers a wide range of gastronorm containers in standard European dimensions, but also in different materials: stainless steel in particular, melamine, but also Tritan. Thanks to its properties, <strong>the Tritan gastronorm container</strong> meets the requirements of all CHR professionals. We invite you to discover it.</p>
  • GN container 1/2
    <p>As a restaurateur or a professional in the catering industry, you need to optimize the organization of your teams and boost their productivity. For this, you are certainly looking for practical and versatile accessories that offer maximum functionality to your staff. At Stellinox, we offer you to choose from a wide selection of gastronorm containers. Discover without further delay <strong>the GN 1/2 gastro container </strong>model, suitable for many uses.</p>
  • GN container 1/3
    <p>Stellinox is the online shop that is committed to meeting the needs of all professionals in the CHR industry. We also offer them <strong>gastronorm containers in various standardized European sizes</strong>, especially in 1/3 sizes. This equipment, which must absolutely find its place in the kitchens and buffets of catering establishments, is available in many models. On Stellinox, find <strong>the GN 1/3 Gastro containers</strong> in the material and height of your choice. Find out a little more about the products we have chosen to present to you.</p>
  • GN container 1/4
    <p>At Stellinox, we offer professionals working in the catering industry a wide range of indispensable accessories to help them carry out their job in the best possible conditions. It is therefore no surprise that we offer <strong>a wide collection of gastronorm containers</strong> that comply with European standardized dimensions, including <strong>the GN 1/4 gastronorm container</strong>.</p>
  • GN container 1/6
    <p><strong>Gastronorm containers</strong>, whose dimensions are subject to European regulations, are available in several sizes. We offer to all CHR professionals to discover, on this page, the <strong>GN 1/6 gastro containers</strong>. These small accessories are practical and versatile and come in a <strong>176 mm x 162 mm</strong> size. What are the possible uses of these GN 1/6 gastronorm containers? The materials they're made of? Explanations.</p>
  • GN container 1/9
    <p>The GN 1/9 Gastro container is <strong>an indispensable accessory in the kitchen</strong>. Thanks to its dimensions of <strong>176 mm by 108 mm</strong>, it fits everywhere, even in buffets and self-service restauration. It is simply ideal for food transport, food presentation, but also for the preservation and storage of products. The GN 1/9 gastro container, whose dimensions comply with current European regulations, is <strong>the ally of all professionals in the catering industry</strong>. The Stellinox online shop offers different models of GN 1/9 gastro containers <strong>in stainless steel and clear Tritan</strong>. Discover their particularities and characteristics.</p>
  • GN container 2/1
    <p>On Stellinox, discover our selection of<strong> GN 2/1 gastro containers</strong>, accessories for any well-organized kitchen. Available in <strong>several sizes and materials</strong>, the GN 2/1 gastro-container offers a multitude of uses and must be considered by demanding professionals in the catering industry.</p>
  • GN container 2/3
    <p>Professionals in the catering industry, such as restaurants and caterers, butchers and pastry chefs, but also canteens, need equipment that is simple to use, practical and easy to maintain, in order to optimize the work of their kitchen teams. The gastronorm container was developed with this objective in mind: <strong>to harmonize the organization of catering staff</strong>. Moreover, the dimensions of this system are subject to European regulations, always with a view to harmonization. On Stellinox, find the GN 2/3 gastro container that meets your expectations</p>
  • GN container 2/4
    <p>The regulation of gastronorm containers has <strong>harmonized and simplified the work in the kitchen</strong>. The European standards in force in the CHR industry allow the identification of several compliant sizes, in particular the 2/4 size. On Stellinox,<strong> the GN 2/4 gastro-container</strong> is available in several materials and heights. This way, each catering professional will find the accessory corresponding to his or her needs.</p>
  • Lid for GN container
    <p>At Stellinox, the online shop for professionals in the catering industy, we have selected the accessories you need for the optimal use of gastronorm containers:<strong> the lids for GN containers</strong>. Discover now a wide variety of quality products adapted to your needs.</p>
  • Stainless steel GN container
    <p>Catering professionals are looking for <strong>versatile, robust and durable equipment</strong> to increase productivity and efficiency. Our Stellinox online shop provides all these demanding experts with the essential equipment for the smooth running of the kitchen: <strong>stainless steel gastro containers</strong>. Practical and available in a wide range of sizes, the gastronome containers can be used for a variety of purposes and enjoy many advantages. Browse <strong>our selection of accessories</strong> now and find the models that fit your needs.</p>
  • Melamine GN container
    <p>The gastro-container is the indispensable accessory for professional kitchens. It is also found in restaurants, cafeterias, but also in fast food restaurants, caterers, bars, cafes, butcher shops and even bakeries. In other words, <strong>the entire catering and restaurant industry uses this type of accessory</strong> for a variety of uses. At Stellinox, we offer gastro containers in various materials, including melamine. Why choose this particular equipment? What are its advantages? Find here more information about the melamine gastro containers.</p>
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