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GN containers

In the kitchen or for the presentation of your buffets, stainless steel gastro containers are a must have for any restaurant owner.

Stellinox offers a range of pans with standardised GastroNorm (GN) siezs for easy use, whether or not the container is deep.

The stainless-steel gastronorm containers are the most widely used containers by professionals. You can choose their depth or height depending on the use: buffet presentation, use in the kitchen for storage or mixing, use in catering industry or fast-food restaurants.

Perforated stainless steel pans : their holes allow to be used for draining, but also for keeping solid food cold: the holes allow better cold circulation in perforated gastronorm pans.

Looking for a plastic gastro container ? You can choose a melamine container, in black or white, or a clear GN container made of Tritan.

Tritan is a transparent thermoplastic from the copolyester family, free of bisphenol A. It is resistant to industrial dishwashing without cracking, to heat and aggressive detergents, and shows less breakage, cracking than polycarbonate when dropped or used for long time.

Find a choice of :

  • stainless steel gastro container
  • Porcelain gastro containers, microwave-safe
  • melamine gastro containers
  • clear gastro containers, made of Tritan

Stellinox ensures a fast delivery of the stainless-steel gastro pans and has availability in every depth.

Are you looking for a cover fitted to stainless steel GN container ? The covers for GN containers are available in each material, except for the melamine GN containers.

  • GN container 1/1
    <p>The GN 1/1 Gastro Container is a versatile professional kitchen accessory: used for <strong>food preservation</strong>, it is also used for<strong> food storage</strong>, transport and <strong>presentation of various meals</strong>. Depending on the material used, the GN 1/1 Gastro Container can also be used for baking, baking in a bain-marie or freezing in a cold room.</p> <p>In this section you will find gastro containers in different heights, deep gastro containers and also perforated gastro containers.</p> <p></p>
  • Tritan GN container
    <p>Looking for a plastic gastro container ? Stellinox offers a wide range of gastronorm pans in standard European dimensions, but also in many materials: stainless steel particularly, melamine, but also <strong>Tritan</strong>. Thanks to its properties, <strong>the Tritan gastronorm container</strong> meets the requirements of all professionals in the catering.</p> <p>Tritan, a <strong>clear thermoplastic</strong> from the copolyester family,<strong> bisphenol A free</strong>. The containers are delivered without cover, and has to be ordered separately. It resists the washing in industrial dishwashers without cracking, heat and aggressive detergents, and shows less breakage, and cracking than polycarbonate, when dropped or used for long time.</p>
  • GN container 1/2
    <p>As a restaurateur or professional in the catering industry, you need to optimise the organisation of your teams and boost their productivity. To do this, you are certainly looking for practical and versatile accessories that offer maximum functionality to your staff. Stellinox offers to choose in a wide selection of gastronorm food pans. Discover right now <strong>the GN 1/2 gastro containers</strong>, suiting many uses.</p> <p>Stellinox offers gastronorm food pans in different heights, and also deep gastronorm containers.</p>
  • GN container 1/3
    <p>Stellinox is the online shop that commits to meet the needs of all professionals in the catering industry. Thus we offer <strong>gastronorm food pans in various european standardised sizes</strong>, especially the 1/3 sizes. This equipment, which is absolutely essential in the kitchens and on buffets, is available in a wide range of models. At Stellinox you can find the <strong>GN 1/3 gastronorm containers</strong> in the material and height of your choice. Find out more precisely the products we have selected on offer.</p> <p>Stellinox offers gastro containers in different heights, also deep GN food pans.</p>
  • GN container 1/4
    <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-GB" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;">At Stellinox, we offer to professionals working in the catering industry a wide range of essential accessories to enable them to carry out their job in the best possible conditions. It is therefore no surprise that we offer <strong>a wide range of gastronorm containers</strong> that comply with European standardised dimensions, including the <strong>GN 1/4 gastronorm container</strong>.</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-GB" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;">Stellinox offers gastronorm food pans in different heights, also deep gastronorm container.</span></p>
  • GN container 1/6
    <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-GB" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;"><strong>Gastronorm containers</strong>, whose dimensions are subject to European regulations, are available in several sizes. On this page, we offer to all CHR professionals the opportunity to discover the <strong>GN 1/6 gastro containers</strong>. These small accessories are practical and versatile and its s<strong>izes 17.6 cm x 16.2 cm</strong>. <o:p></o:p></span></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-GB" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;"><o:p> </o:p></span><span lang="EN-GB" style="mso-ansi-language: EN-GB;">Stellinox offers gastro containers in different heights, also deep GN containers.</span></p>
  • GN container 1/9
    <p>The GN 1/9 Gastro Tray is an <strong>essential kitchen accessory</strong>. Thanks to its dimensions <strong>176 mm x 108 mm</strong>, it can be used everywhere, even in buffets and self-service areas. It is simply ideal for transporting food, presenting food, but also for storing and preserving products. The GN 1/9 gastro container, whose dimensions comply with current European regulations, is <strong>the ally of all professionals in the catering industry</strong>. The Stellinox online shop offers various models of GN 1/9 GN containers<strong> made of stainless steel or clear Tritan</strong>. Discover their specificities and characteristics.</p> <p>Stellinox offers gastro containers in different heights, also deep gastro containers.</p>
  • GN container 2/1
    <p>On Stellinox, discover our selection of <strong>GN 2/1 gastro trays</strong>, necessary accessories for any well-organised kitchen. <strong>Available in different sizes and materials</strong>, the GN 2/1 gastro food pan offers a multitude of uses and must be considered by demanding professionals in the catering industry.</p> <p>Stellinox offers a GN 2/1 stainless steel tray H. 2 cm and a deep GN 2/1 clear container made of Tritan.</p>
  • GN container 2/3
    <p>Professionals in the catering industry, such as restaurants or caterers, butchers, pastry chefs, but also canteens, need equipment that is easy to use, practical and easy to care, in order to optimise their work of their kitchen teams. The gastronorm container was developed with this aim in mind: <strong>to harmonise the organisation of the catering staff.</strong> Moreover, the dimensions of this material are subject to European regulations, always with a view to harmonisation. On Stellinox, find the GN 2/3 gastronorm food pans that meets your expectations.</p> <p>Stellinox offers GN 2/3 gastro containers in different heights, deep GN containers and also a perforated gastro food pan.</p>
  • GN container 2/4
    <p>The regulations on gastronorm containers have made it possible <strong>to harmonise and simplify work in the kitchen</strong>s. The European standards in force in the catering industry allow the identification of different sizes, in particular the 2/4 sizes. On Stellinox, <strong>the GN 2/4 gastronorm food pan</strong> is available in different materials and heights. This means that every professional in the catering industry should find the right accessory for his or her needs.</p> <p>Stellinox offers gastronorm food pans in different depths, also deep gastro container.</p> <p></p>
  • Lid for GN container
    <p>At Stellinox, the online shop for professionals in the catering industry, we have selected the accessories you need for optimal use of the gastronorm containers: <strong>the lids for GN containers</strong>. Discover now a wide variety of quality products suited to your needs.</p> <p>Choose from classic <strong>stainless-steel gastro container</strong> lids or air-tight stainless steel gastro pan lids, but also clear GN containers lids for clear Tritan gastro pans.</p>
  • Stainless steel GN container
    <p>Catering professionals are looking for <strong>versatile, robust and durable</strong> equipment to increase productivity and efficiency. Our Stellinox online shop provides all these demanding experts with the equipment essential for smooth operating in the kitchen: <strong>stainless steel GN food pans</strong>. Practical and available in a wide range of sizes, the gastronorm containers can be used for a variety of purposes and enjoy many advantages. Take a look at <strong>our selection of accessories</strong> and find the models that meet your needs.</p> <p>Are you looking for a <strong><a href="" target="_blank">gastronorm tray</a> </strong>? The "gastronorm standard" does not only apply to the containers ; you can also find many models of GN trays, the most commonly used being the GN 1/1 gastronorm tray.</p>
  • Melamine GN container
    <p>Are you looking for a plastic GN pan ? The gastronorm container is the indispensable accessory in professional kitchens. It can be found in restaurants, cafeterias, but also in fast-food, caterers, bars, cafés, butchers' shops and even bakeries. In other words,<strong> the entire catering and restaurant industry uses this type of accessory</strong> for a wide variety of uses. At Stellinox, we offer gastro containers in various materials, including <strong>melamine</strong>, available in black or white.</p>
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