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Graduated stainless steel buckets and lids

Food grade buckets

The stainless steel graduated buckets and their lids are made of 18/10 stainless steel thickness 1,7 mm. The fastening eyelets for fixing the handle are integrated in the mass of the stainless steel bucket.

All the stainless steel buckets models are graduated from the 8 Liters and are available with or without bottom (with bottom from 12 L), from 7 to 20 L (20 Liter with bottom only).

The bottom, also known as the banding strap foot, allows a better grip of the stainless-steel bucket for emptying, but also reduces the contact surface from the ground.

Up to the 15 L model, stainless steel buckets from Jonas brand, Linden manufacture. Stainless steel lids for each diameter, except for 7- & 8-liter stainless steel buckets.

The bucket, a tool in the workshop and at the laboratory

The bucket is a tool in production and in the workshop, whether to contain liquid, bulk, or waste. The bucket can be made of plastic, galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel : the different materials allow to have a more or less important resistance over time; stainless steel is the material which offers one of the greatest resistance, and which has the advantages of not picking up odors and to resist to corrosion.

The stainless steel bucket is the ultimate food grade bucket, durability, stainless steelability, and it does not impregnate odors. It is also the bucket for dry toilet for the same reasons. Stainless steel exists in different qualities, we then speak about steel grades. The preferred grade is 18/10 or "304" stainless steel. There is also a grade "316", which contains molybdenum, and whose use is preferred in aggressive environments (seaside, swimming pool) or in environments with a high chloric acid content.

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