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Bar items are a very important focus in the quality of service that can be provided there. Bar equipment, bar accessories and cocktail equipment must therefore be carefully chosen to offer customers a quality experience.

Stellinox offers all cocktail equipment and bartender's accessories for successful cocktail preparation and bar service: bowls, shakers, champagne waterfalls or cocktail fountains.

Cocktail measuring jigger: the cocktail measuring jug allows you to precisely measure all your ingredients for a successful cocktail. The double cocktail measuring cup has 2 graduated compartments, see this 5 cl cocktail jigger.

To create a focal point in the universe of the bar, have you thought about buying a 15-litre cocktail fountain? The permanent flow of the cocktail will create a point of liveliness, and the changing colors that you can adjust with a remote control will allow you to adjust the lighting of this punch fountain to your universe.

  • Cocktail and accessories
    <p>Stellinox offers a choice of items for preparing and serving cocktails, with <strong>cocktail equipment</strong> including a <a href="" target="_blank">5 cl cocktail measuring cup</a> known as a Japanese cocktail jigger ; it is ideal for measuring alcohol for cocktails. It can also be used in pastry making.</p>
  • Buckets and bucket holders
    <p>The height inrefinement, the champagne insures to give a new dimension to the meals and to the receptions. To present your drinks in the best conditions, Stellinox offers a <strong>collection of champagne buckets and champagne buckets holders of the most beautiful effect. </strong></p> <p>Find here our champagne buckets as well as the essential accessories for a smart and elegant presentation : <a href="" target="_blank">Champagne bucket holders</a>, Champagne coolers or ice buckets. Made of stainless steel, aluminum or acrylic material, our products insure a perfect finish and durability which will know how to seduce you.</p>
  • Wire bottle holder
    <p>Wine holder stainless steel</p>
  • Bowls and coolers
    <p>On a table or a buffet, nothing beats a stainless steel champagne bowl to present your drinks while keeping them at the right temperature ?</p> <p>Designed to give you the very best, Stellinox offers a <strong>selection of bowls and champagne coolers fitted in all situations</strong>. Should it be for keeping your bottles cool in a smart atmosphere or for proposing to your guests a sangria, the bowls made of stainless steel and Champagne coolers from Stellinox will answer all your expectations and give an additional asset to the presentation of your tables.</p>
  • Ashtrays
    <p>Stainless steel ashtrays with or without bottom - range of coloured or black or white melamine ashtrays.</p>
  • Waiter‘s corkscrew
    <p>A stainless steel waiter's friend corkscrew, three pieces - double hinged.</p>
  • Bottle opener
    <p>Stainless steel bottle opener. Professional quality, extremely durable and very elegant. Will last the test of time. It is a staple in all busy bars and restaurants, as well as at home.</p>
  • Shaker
    <p><strong>The shaker is a bar utensil</strong> used for the preparation of cocktails. It is used to mix the cocktail ingredients by shaking them vigorously in the shaker.</p> <p><strong>The shaker is made of three parts</strong>: a large container at the bottom, often made of metal, a top part that allows you to close the shaker to shake it, often perforated to filter the cocktail, and a glass inside that contains the cocktail ingredients.</p> <p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Boston Shaker</strong></a>: the Boston shaker is made of two parts: a large metal cup made of stainless steel and a very thick glass. This is the most appreciated shaker of professionals because it is more airtight, quicker to handle and quicker to rinse. The cup has a larger opening diameter than the glass, so that the glass fits into it. The mixing glass is designed to withstand heat and physical shocks caused by the use of ice in cocktail preparation.</p>
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