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Because all the professionals in cooking need good tools to work, discover our professional kitchen utensils which will allow you to cut, to cook and to prepare.

Stellinox offers a choice of stainless steel kitchen utensils for professional : strengthened skimmers made of stainless steel, bowls, strainers, and a range of ladles diameters and capacity of which are stamped on the handle.

  • GN containers
    <p>We offer a choice of containers in the gastronorme sizes , made of <strong>stainless steel, porcelain or melamine.</strong></p> <p>Gastronorm (GN) is an European standardized size which by the use of standardized measures facilitates the exchange of containers as well as the processing of food in the professional kitchens.</p>
  • Small electrical equipment
  • Prepare and cook
    <p>For a cooking with nothing left to chance, Stellinox offers its selection of <strong>professional equipment for cooking thought by and for the professionals of the cooking.</strong></p> <p>Stock pots, sauce pots, roasting pans, spatulas, whips or skimmers, these professional kitchen utensils are designed to offer you the best of the cooking in terms of preparation as well of cooking. Find all the professional equipment for cooking in these pages and choose your utensils according to your needs. With Stellinox, you are sure to cook in the best conditions.</p> <p><em>Watch out, the dimensions, in particular aluminum roasting pans, do not take into account the handles.</em></p>
  • Cut and slice
    <p>Serving chefs and cooks, Stellinox offers a wide range of culinary cooking accessories for cutting and slicing in the best conditions.</p>
  • Accessories and utensils
    <p>Clips to close hermetically the begun packages, clips with spout, and clever hooks to hold onto any item that is placed on it.</p> <p><strong>Aidful acccessories in your kitchen.</strong></p>
  • Stainless Steel Equipment / Tableware
    <p>Stainless steel is the most commonly used material in the design of equipment for professionals in the catering industry. The reason for such a success? Its many characteristics, which give it<strong> considerable advantages</strong>. Therefore, our Stellinox online shop offers a <strong>very wide range of stainless-steel equipment</strong> for all professionals looking for high-performance, practical and versatile equipment. Why choose stainless steel equipment? What are the characteristics of this material that make it a must in the kitchen? Let's take stock.</p>
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€3.12 (tax excl.)
Two sizes.&nbsp;PA + : Non-porous composite material, polyamide (nylon 6.6) with fiberglass.&nbsp;Dishwasher proof. Flexible, can be sterilized. Resist up to + 220 °C (450° Fahrenheit).
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