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Stainless steel colanders with handles, used for draining preparations, making tea, pureeing soft or tender foods, filtering lumps, broths and sauces. Their fine-mesh drain will effectively retain all solid pieces. Stellinox also offers a range of Chinese colander with wire gauze, extra-fine mesh that will allow you to filter your sauces and obtain all the juices from your preparations.

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€16.73 (tax incl.)
Stainless steel tea strainer. 2 models. This fine mesh tea strainer strains in seconds. Durable and easy to clean. The length indicated is length of the handle
€33.47 (tax incl.)
Stainless steel bouillon strainer. 2 sizes. This double criss-crossed mesh bouillon strainer is a staple in any kitchen. Its extra fine mesh will retain all seeds and lumps to create perfect soups, fruit coulisor...
€6.74 (tax incl.)
Stainless steel chinese colander. 9 models. Stainless steel 18/10 - conical model, designed to resist the repeated pressure by a muddler. Ideal to crush and mash fruits and vegetables. Hook for blocking and handle,...
€41.23 (tax incl.)
Conical strainer on foot, PA +. 2 sizes. PA+ : nylon 6,6, composite material with fiberglass. Dishwasher safe, sterilizable, heat resistant up to 220 ° C. This strainer is ideal for draining your vegetables and all...
€11.89 (tax incl.)
Stainless steel double mesh strainer. 3 models. The double criss-cross mesh strainer is a stapple in any kitchen. It's solid mesh will retain all food particles. ABS handle. Handle 17 cm for diameter 20 cm, others...
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No produts were found.