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Twixit, bag sealers - set of 3 pieces 14 cm


Twixit is a practical, strong and effective clip, designed to close hermetically all the paper or plastic bags : it allows you also to preserve their contents during several months, in your kitchen cupboards, fridge or freezer.

Very easy to use, it is enough to close the clip around the open extremity of the bag. Patented memory hinge. 
The twixit can be used until 1 000 000 time (tests in an independent laboratory), and was designed to resist extreme temperatures (-20° till + 90°C).

This clip has memory of shape: if it loses its shape, just place it in boiling water during one minute, and it will return to its original shape.

Dishwasher proof, suitable for the microwave and the freezer.

€1.92 (tax incl.)
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0.06 kg
14 cm
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