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Cocktail fountain 15 L stainless steel


Cocktail fountain, 15 L made in Thiers, France by Stellinox. Lighting system in the white diffusing tube. Allows the cocktail to circulate continuously with 4 spouts for guests to serve themselves, so you no longer need to serve cocktails from glasses! The stainless-steel bowl stays cool as long as you keep filling it with fresh drink. Each time you refill it, add more of the drink that was previously in the fridge.

Lighting Specifications :

MR16 3W RGB Multicolour IR Remote Control 12V Bulb

RGB LED spot transmitter bulb, remote control with CR2025 battery included, 3W power, MR16 connection, 12V voltage

€1,311.41 (tax excl.)

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Multiple lighting modes: adjust intensity, colour change speed, freeze on selected colour, fade colour mode.

You can use the 15-litre cocktail fountain with any drink you like, but not with fizzy drinks or champagne. We advise you not to add any pieces of fruit that could clog the fountain pump.

We recommend that you purchase a wood carrying bow to make the cocktail fountain easier to transport and present at a buffet. You can also hire the cocktail fountain for a ceremony, wedding, banquet, etc. from a number of professional rental companies who have placed their trust in us and equipped themselves with this professional equipment.

This cocktail fountain is also available in a 32-litre model, Art. Nr. 746224. This XXL model comes with a presentation and transport wood box.

The wood box is made by a carpenter and assembled using headless nails and glue to keep it looking its best. This display box must not support any additional weight or pressure other than that required for its intended use.

What is the ideal flow rate for a punch fountain?

The ideal flow rate for a punch fountain depends on a number of factors, including the size of the fountain, the type of punch you're serving and your personal preference for flow speed. Here are some tips for determining flow rate:

- Fountain size: the larger the fountain, the higher the flow rate without creating a mess;

- Type of punch: some punches are thicker than others due to the ingredients used. If your punch is thick, you may want to adjust the flow rate to avoid clogging or stagnation. If your punch contains chunks of fruit or other ingredients, make sure the fountain is designed to handle these elements! And adjust the flow rate accordingly.

- Personal preference: some people prefer a slower flow rate to allow guests to fill their glasses accurately, while others prefer a faster flow rate for quicker dispensing at larger events.

Either way, follow the manufacturer's instructions...

How should I clean a punch fountain?

Regular cleaning of a punch fountain is essential to ensure that it functions properly, maintaining the quality of the drinks and ensuring food safety for your guests.

- Empty the fountain, making sure there is no liquid left.

- Disassemble the removable parts, such as the tap and container, and wash them in warm water with a mild detergent. You can also use a disinfectant solution suitable for food surfaces.

- Rinse the parts thoroughly with clean water to remove any detergent or disinfectant residue. Ensure that the rinse water is clean and clear.

- Allow all parts to dry completely before reassembling.

- Clean the outside with a clean damp cloth.

- Check the filters if your cooler has them.

- Store your Punch Cooler in a dry, clean place. If it is not going to be used for a long time, make sure it is protected from dust and dirt.

Always follow the instructions in the manufacturer's manual. For the Stellinox punch and cocktail fountain you can consult our cleaning tips here.

How do I cool down a punch fountain?

Here are some tips to keep your punch cool:

- Use ice cubes: Add ice cubes directly to the punch. This will cool the liquid and keep it at a cool temperature for a while...

- Make punch ice cubes: Make ice cubes with the punch itself! This avoids diluting the flavour of the punch with water.

- Use a cooler: Place a cooler with ice cubes near your punch fountain, and place extra punch bottles or containers in your cooler to keep them cool. This will allow you to fill your fountain with fresh punch as you use it.

- Use an ice pack: you can add a eutectic cooler into the fountain to keep the temperature cool without diluting the punch.

- Place the fountain in the shade to avoid direct sunlight, which can quickly raise the temperature of the liquid.

Delivery times: Stellinox ships your order within 24 to 48 hours if the product is in stock, otherwise it generally takes 10 working days. Free delivery in Metropolitan France for orders over 300 euros excluding VAT, or collection at our plant appointment (we do not have a shop).

Product Details

Data sheet

Stainless steel
15 L
43 cm
6 kg
56 cm

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Food contact pump for the Stellinox punch cocktail fountain : pump 50HZ 10W 220 volts. Never run the pump without liquid in the bowl.  The minimum level in the bowl of the Stellinox punch and cocktail fountain is...
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